Report of Atsuta Shrine’s Most Important Festival on June  

Every year in June 5th, “Reisai,” the most important ceremony&festival of the shrine, is held at Atsuta Shrine.

There are fireworks in the night, and many local people go out in yukata (casual kimono) to enjoy the festival. It’s one of the biggest festival for the people in Nagoya in this season.

The night festival is fun, but also the ritual ceremonies held in the daytime are very interesting.
Let’s learn and know about what’s going on on the Reisai day.

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Websites which explain about the Reisai

Atsuta Shrine Website (Japanese)
Network2010 (introducing some photos & videos of the ceremony in Japanese)
Kikuko’s Web Site (English)
Japan Info Swap (English)


Photos of Reisai Festival 2015

atsuta shrine reisai
First, before the main ceremony, people who were permitted to observe the ceremony from inside the main shrine area will go through the purification ceremony.

atsuta shrine reisai (14) atsutareisai15 (2)
Imperial messengers and the top priests get purified and go in to the main shrine on 10 A.M. This is one of the main view points for visitors. 
They are all wearing Ikan (traditional formal court dress.) The colors of the Ikan indicate the hierarchy, the men in black Ikan are the person of high lank. All are holding wooden sticks (Shaku) in their hands, and wearing black platform shoes (Asagutsu.)
atsuta shrine reisai (13)
Imperial messengers have Goheimotsu (offerings to the god from the emperor) with them.

The main ceremony last until 11:00. Visitors can see from outside the gate, but can’t see what’s going on in the inner main shrine. After the ceremony, Mikos (female attendants of the shrine) serve teas to the observers.
*At Atsuta Shrine, taking photos are prohibited on the layer of the main shrine every day because it’s a very sacred place. shinto_reisai-photo01
©2009 Atsutajingu

  atsuta shrine reisai (5) atsuta shrine reisai (15)
Children from the neighborhoods nearby dedicate “Kodomo-jishi” (Shishimai Lion parade.) You can see some of them in the daytime.

Various songs, performances, and martial art performances are dedicated to the god on this day.
Judo, Japanese archery, Japanese swordmanship, sumo, dances, drums, tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, Haiku,…
atsuta shrine reisai (6) atsuta shrine reisai (16)

The best of all, I think the must-see attractive performances for visitors is the “Bo-no-te !!
atsuta shrine reisai bonote atsuta shrine reisai bonote atsuta shrine reisai bonote atsuta shrine reisai bonote atsuta shrine reisai (9) atsuta shrine reisai (7) atsuta shrine reisai bonote atsuta shrine reisai bonote
Bo-no-te” is traditional martial art for dedication to the god which developed around Nagoya, Aichi, and are some performances using swords, spears, wooden swords and axes.
It’s worth seeing, beautiful & spectacular performance.

The performers come in yelling & playing the Horagai shell trumpet. Thrilling appearance!

This is the day all the Bo-no-te groups perform together.
Amazing sword-fighting-like demonstration are heroic, cool and breathtaking.

This was the most exciting performance on this day!!
I really recommend you to take a look of those bo-no-te if you are visiting the shrine on June 5th.

  You can see some girls in Yukata Kimono. Many street stalls line around the shrine.
atsuta shrine reisai (1)atsuta shrine reisaiatsuta matsuri
atsuta shrine reisai (12)
There are also other ritual events conducted in the shrine. These priests were dedicating fish and vegetables to the gods.

  It wasn’t so crowded maybe because it was a weekday. I suppose it will be crowded during the fire works. There were only few visitors from other countries.

  I’m sure this day is one of the most attractive day of Atsuta Shrine. How about planning to visit the festival?

Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Nagoya or tours around Nagoya.

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