Enjoy the Unique Local Cuisine of Takayama

Takayama’s Nature, Environment, & History Made Up Its Unique Food Culture

Since Takayama is surrounded by high mountains with many abundant gifts from nature, and since it’s long snowy winter’s conditions were severe, there developed a unique food culture rich in wisdom to survive the winter, and make the best use of its nature.
Also, since Takayama became a politically important base for the Tokugawa government, it assimilated the cultures of Kyoto and Tokyo, and developed its unique and bountiful food culture.


Famous Local Foods for Visitors in Takayama

The well-known local food today are, the Hida beef, Hooba miso, Hida soba, Takayama ramen, sake, or pickles.

Hida beef is one of the most highly-reputed Wagyu brand in Japan. These are the high-quality black cattle raised in this region, and have fine marbled fat with natural sweetness.
hida beef

Hooba Miso is a dish of vegetables with miso grilled on hooba magnolia leaves.
This is a nice side dish with rice or with Takayama’s sake.
hooba miso

You can find these local specialties all over in the Takayama city.
For visitors, the stalls serving Hida beef sushi, Hida vegetables, or Mitarashi Dango (a rice dumplings skewer), are very popular.
hida beef sushi
Hida Beef Sushi
hida takayama ramen
Takayama Ramen

Also, tasting some different Japanese sake at the breweries in the town is interesting, too!
takayama sake

Please enjoy the unique food culture if you are visiting Takayama.

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