Gujo Odori: One of the Best Dancing Event in Japan!

If you love dancing, how about experiencing the Japanese traditional dancing event?

At Gujo Hachiman, a little town in the mountains near Takayama, Gujo Odori dance festival is very famous. It’s one of the three most famous traditional dance festivals in Japan, and more than 300,000 people join the dance festival from all over Japan. This festival, dating back some 400 years, is designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset of Japan.

The highlight of the festival is the “Tetsuya Odori” held in August 13th to 16th (2015), when people dance all night long from 8 PM till dawn. In this dance festival, everyone is welcome, so join and dance! Have a fun summer night in Japan!


The Attractive Feature of Gujo Odori

  • Anyone can join!
    Everybody can join and enjoy in this festival. Any time you want to.

  • Feel the sense of unity and achievement
    Dancing all night long will sure make you feel accomplished.

  • Enjoy the joyful atmosphere of Japanese-style summer!
    Most of the participants are in Yukata (a casual summer Kimono), and there are many points where you can feel the traditional Japanese culture. Also, the town has many brooks where you can cool your body down and enjoy the evening breeze.

Things to Bring, Schedule, Information

  • Things to Bring
    Bring yourself, and nothing else is necessary.
    Though, most of the people are in Yukata, so it’s more enjoyable to participate in Yukata. Many shops sell Yukata and Geta sandals in the city. If you are staying at a Japanese style inn, you might can rental Yukatas.
    The dance music are very artistic and traditional, sung in distinctive styles, with Shamisen, Japanese drums and flutes. And the Japanese Geta sandals will boost the festive mood.

  • Schedule/Information
    The festival is held in 32 days through July to September. The climax is in August 13th to 16th (2015), but you should book your hotel and transportation in advance if you want to join on that time.
    Check the schedule and the venue at the website below↓

  • Practice Dancing♪
    There are 10 songs and every dance is very easy, so you may just walk-in and follow along the locals. If you want to practice a bit in advance, there are many movies on Youtube.
    You can check them out from the website below ↓

    You may learn in the daily Gujo Odori lessons at the Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan, too.
    (Daily at 11 am, 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Lessons are in Japanese and English. Everyone is welcome and it’s not difficult to join in.)


  • Restaurants near the venue extend their open hours on the festival day.
  • During the four days of “Tetsuya Odori,” more than 210,000 people visit the site. It will take about one hour to make the circuit of the dance circle.
  • Geta sandal shop is also open until 3:30 AM while the “Tetsuya Odori.” During the festival, the shop sells about 1,000 Geta sandals a day! It’s because the wooden Geta wear down as a result of dancing for a long time.
  • Take a break at the brook. The Gujo Hachiman town is also called “Water Town,” and there are plentiful cool streams in the town.
  • Gujo Hachiman is also famous for its castle, and these days, plastic food sample workshop is very popular to the visitors. Try those experience, too.

bon odori

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