Hina Matsuri Festivals around Nagoya (in Aichi・Gifu・Mie) 2016 Feb-Mar

Enjoy Hina Dolls if you’re going to visit Japan in March!

March 3rd, is the Hina Matsuri day (Girl’s Festival or Doll Festival).

It started as a way of warding off evil spirits, by releasing paper dolls into rivers after the festival, and praying that the dolls take people’s place in carrying away sickness and bad fortune.
Now, people display dolls in their house and pray for the happiness and healthy growth of their daughters on this day.

These days, many local town host their original Hina Matsuri Festivals for regional activation.
There are many events around Nagoya, too!
hina dolls decorated in my house

hina dolls decorated in my house


Hina Matsuri Festivals in Aichi・Gifu・Mie

  • Hina Matsuri of Owari branch of the Tokugawa family @Tokugawa Museum 2/11-4/10 (Nagoya)
    Very beautiful and elaborate hina dolls made for the princesses of the Owari branch of Tokugawa family are exhibited.
    Every miniature furniture and decorations are as same as the real furnishings given on her marriage. Hina Dolls decorations made in 19,20 centuries are 2 meters high and 7 meters wide!
    This year, there are also a special hina exhibition of one of the imperial family’s.
    http://www.tokugawa-art-museum.jp/ (Website in Japanese)

    ©The Tokugawa Art Museum

  • The Fukuyose-Hina Project @16 sightseeing sites around Nagoya 

    Hina dolls recycle project around this region.
    Reused hina dolls are going to be displayed in a comical, original, fancy way!
    Some are using mobile phones, some are looking for another job in the maid cafe..

    1/30-3/6 at 15 shops in Osu Shopping District (Nagoya)
    2/5―3/21 at Chubu Centrair International Airport
    2/6-4/3 at many sightseeing spots in Gujo Hachiman (Gifu)
     →Hina Dolls playing rugby!?
    12669586_1099469093479764_474644164562062198_n 12644938_1099469003479773_6003803347321714918_n
    © 2016 郡上八幡観光協会

    2/8-2/14 at Cultural Path Futaba Museum (Nagoya)
    http://www.futabakan.jp/event/20160208fukuyose.jpg (Japanese)
    2/10-3/3 at several places in Hoshigaoka(around Higashiyama Zoo, Nagoya)
    https://www.facebook.com/hoshigaokaterrace/ (Japanese)
    2/27-3/14 at Nagoya Castle (Nagoya)
    http://www.nagoyajo.city.nagoya.jp/13_english/index.html (event info in Japanese)

    Fukuyose Hina Project Facebook

  • Okage Yokocho Hina Festival @Okage Yokocho, next to Ise Shrine 2/20-3/3 (Ise, Mie)
    おかげ横丁 ひなまつり

    Many hina dolls and toys are decorated in each stores. You can buy some of them, and at “Iseji Meisan Aji-no-kan,” maybe your children might have a chance to enjoy transforming into the hina dolls costumes!
    On March 3rd (15:00-), little girls in kimono will throw the audience some mochi (=likened to happiness) and expel evil spirits.

    http://www.okageyokocho.co.jp/news.php?no=20150222134914 (event info in Japanese)
    henshin mochimaki
    © 2000-2015 ISEFUKU.

  • World’s biggest!? Hina Dolls @Noritake Garden 1/3-4/3 (Nagoya)

    The porcelain prince doll is 67cm high, and the princess doll is 55cm high.
    You can enjoy making hina doll picture plate in 2,000 yen during this time, too.

    http://www.noritake.co.jp/mori/event/#a005644 (event info in Japanese)

  • Hina Doll stamp rally @Cultural Path Bunka 2/5-3/6 (Nagoya)
    文化のみち 雛巡りスタンプラリー
    Collect all the 7 stamps at the 7 sightseeing spots, and complete the illustration of a hina doll!


  • Hina Dolls of ceramic @ Seto 1/30-3/6
    (about 50 minutes by train from Nagoya Sta.)

    陶のまち 瀬戸のお雛めぐり

    Seramic or Glass hina dolls are decorated all over the town of pottery.
    4 meters high decoration will appear in the Setogura Museum!

    © Seto City

  • Hina Dolls of Chuma @Asuke 2/6-3/6
    (about 120-150 minutes by train and bus from Nagoya Sta.)

    中馬のおひなさん  (Chuma=carrier was famous at Asuke as it prospered as a transit point in Edo Period)

    Hina Dolls are displayed in front of many old wooden houses in Asuke.
    Some dolls are earthenware. Just strolling around the traditional-looking town is also interesting, too.

    http://asuke.info/event/febmar/entry-161.html (Japanese)

  • Hina Festival @Takayama 3/1-4/3
    (Gifu, about 150 minutes by train or bus from Nagoya Sta.)


    Hina Festivals in Takayama starts a month behind other region because Takayama’s spring comes later than in other places.
    Gorgeous and realistic faced dolls will be displayed in various shops in Takayama.

Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Nagoya or tours around Nagoya.


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