Reccomended Hitsumabushi Restaurant Map of Nagoya

Try the Savory Local Cuisines of Nagoya!

In Nagoya, there are some local cuisines very famous among the Japanese.

Some of the famous ones are,
 Hitsumabushi, chopped grilled eel on rice,
 Miso-nikomi, the udon noodle dipped in savory miso soup,
 Miso-katsu, pork cutlet with miso sauce on it,
 and Tebasaki, fried chicken wings in a sweet-hot sauce.

Many of these local specialties have strong taste, because they use ingredients rich with umami savory flavors, like the Mame-miso or Tamari-jyoyu (miso or soy sauce made with just the bean malt/fermented soybean).

  The most recommended specialty of them all is the Hitsumabushi.

The image of eating eel might be not good for you at first, but the eels in Hitsumabushi are chopped and grilled, and you won’t even recognize them if you weren’t told that it’s an eel!
The eels are usually savorily grilled over oak charcoal, giving it crispy skin and a juicy center.



How to eat Hitsumabushi

Hitsumabushi is rice topped with finely chopped eels, served in a large bowl, with several other toppings.
In addition to this, the setting will include pickled vegetables, an empty bowl, a rice scoop, and a soup (sometimes the eel liver soup).

  There are 4 steps to eat Hitsumabushi;
  1. For the 1st scoop, eat it as it is, the eel with some rice
  2. For the next scoop, mix in the seasonings (the leek/green onions, wasabi, and nori) with the rice and eel
  3. After you finish the 2nd way, scoop another rice and eel, and pour the dashi (fish stock soup) over them and try having in this way, too.
  4. For the leftovers, you can eat it in whichever style you liked.

  Many visitors come to favor this crispy and juicy sweet soy sauce flavored eels, and since it’s not served in your country so much, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your eel experience with Hitsumabushi.

Recommended Hitsumabushi Restaurants in Nagoya

The most recommended restaurant to eat Hitsumabushi is Atsuta Horaiken, the 1st restaurant who originated Hitsumabushi.
It’s very famous and always crowded, but while you are waiting in line, you may go sightseeing and visit the Astuta Shrine near the restaurant.
The eels are very crispy and juicy, and the atmosphere in the authentic old Japanese building is very nice, too.
atsuta horaiken (3)

  I’ve made a map of recommended Hitsumabushi restaurants in Nagoya.
I hope this would help you to easily find and enjoy Hitsumabushi!

Hitsumabushi Restaurant Map of Nagoya

  Hitstumabushi costs about 3000 yen, and that might be a bit pricey for your lunch, but eels are one of the expensive ingredient in Japan, and many come to think it’s worth the price. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too!
Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Nagoya or tours around Nagoya.

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