Inuyama Map in English

Inuyama Castle is located in Inuyama City, north of Nagoya.
You can get there in about 30 min. ride (by Meitetsu Line) from Nagoya station.

The Inuyama Castle, the National Treasure, is preferred by visitors from Europe because the castle is not so decorative, and is preserved in the original state. The main castle is the oldest existing wooden castle tower in Japan.

It’s a nice sightseeing town with the castle, small traditional-looking castletown, a famous tea house and cormorant fishing site.

I’ve made this Inuyama MAP since there weren’t nice informative map in English, so I hope it’ll help a little bit for your little sightseeing in this city☆

Inuyama Map

→Enjoy Summer Inuyama Sightseeing!

Inuyama Castle Town Information by INUYAMA tourists information center

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