Kashikojima Map in English

Walking around the little island of Kashikojima Island

The Kashiko Island (Kashikojima) is the venue where the G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016 is going to be held.
The main issues for these meetings will be about the global economy & trade, foreign policy including counter-terrorism, the Middle East, Ukraine and North Korea, infrastructure development, international framework for the climate change and energy, and empowering women.

This island was chosen as the venue because it’s an island, and is more easy to keep guard.

The island is the largest island in Ago Bay (although it’s outer perimeter is only about 7.5km), and has the last station of the Kintetsu Shima Line.
It’s usually a station for visitors visiting Shima area, and so the Kashiko Island developed as a resort area.

Although there aren’t much place or streets to walk around in the island, I’ve made this map for visitors to enjoy some time at Kashikojima.
Please enjoy the island strolling around with this.

kashikojima map-en
1 Kashikojima Station 2 Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic, Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites 3 Ago Bay Cruise 4 Matsui Pearls 5 Maruyama Park 6 Shima Marineland 7 Restaurant Sazanami 8 Restaurant Nakayoshi-suisan 9 Restaurant Yoshi-katsu-tei International ATM (post office)

  1. Kashikojima Station
     The station is the last terminal for the Kintetsu Shima Line. It’s a small station, but it was remodeled recently for the summit and is very clean. Many families get off the train and head for the Shima Spain Village, Yokoyama Observatory, Kashikojima Espana Cruise, Nemu Hotel&Resort, or Amanemu (Aman). The convenience store in front of the ticket gate sells good variety of souvenirs.
    kashikojima station (2)kashikojima station

  3. Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic, Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites
     Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic is the main venue for the G7 Summit 2016. And The Bay Suites will be the main hotel where the top leaders will stay.
     These hotel have good French restaurant, rooms to stay with your pet, and you can see the wonderful view of Ago Bay from the rooms.

  5. Ago Bay, Ago Bay Cruise
     The Ago Bay is famous for the complicated coastline. Especially, the sunset view of many islands and pearl boats are absolutely wonderful.
     The environment of the bay is best for cultivating pearls and nori seaweeds, so there are many floating pearl farms or nori farms on the sea.
     From the Kashiko Island, you can enjoy cruising around the Ago Bay. The famous cruising ship is the Spanish-style Esperanza.

     (By the way, why there’s such Spanish ship and Spanish village at here, is because when these were built, it was the time when the Barcelona Olympic was being held and Japanese was interested in Spain. Also, the “ria coast” (deeply indented coastline) of Ago Bay comes from Spanish “ria,” and pilgrimages to Ise Shrine have something in common with the pilgrim trail in the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James).)
    esperanza kashikojima

  7. Matsui Pearls
     This Matsui pearls store is the oldest store in the island, which started its business in 1905. The old-looking Japanese building create an retro-flavored atmosphere of the harbor, and its antique furnishings inside are also interesting.

  9. Maruyama Park
     This park is hidden in the hill, so it’s a bit difficult to get there. In the park, there’s a little memorial tower to pray for the souls of the mother oysters of pearls. On October 22, a pearl memorial festival will be held at here.

  11. Shima Marineland
     Shima Marineland is an small aquarium where you can see the ocean sunfish, penguins, and some other small fish.
     The highlight is the feeding show time by Ama (the traditional woman diver).
    ©Shima Marineland

  13. Restaurant Sazanami
     An unique restaurant on a raft serving fresh local seafood dishes.
     It may be closed on stormy days or during winter.
    sazanami kashikojima (2)sazanami kashikojima

  15. Restaurant Nakayoshi-suisan
     Seafood restaurant run by a friendly man. Enjoy the local lobster, oysters, abalone, and many other kinds of fish and clams.
    nakayoshisuisan kashikojimanakayoshisuisan kashikojima (2)

  17. Restaurant Yoshi-katsu-tei
     You can have delicious Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), Ebifurai (deep-fried prawns), or Hamburg Steak (patty steak) at this popular restaurant.
    Yoshikatutei access http://yoshikatsu.info/?page_id=12

  19. International ATM (Post Office)
     Weekdays 9:00-17:30, Saturdays 9:00-12:30, Sundays not in operation

Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Kashiko Island, Mie or tours around Nagoya.

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