Interesting Events around Nagoya 2016 May-Jun

May to June is one of the best season to visit Japan!

Not too many visitors like in the cherry blossom seasons or holiday seasons,
fine climate, temperature,
beautiful nature filled with verdant green and flowers, …

I’ve picked up some interesting events around Nagoya in this season.
These are time-limited events and will surely give you a unique experience.
How about participating some of these festivals and events?

*From Apr 30-May 8, there’s a long national holiday for Japanese. During these days, every sites will be crowded than the other days. Please allow plenty of time for your plans.


Interesting Events around Nagoya, Aichi, Gifu, Mie [2016 May-Jun]

  • Apr 5 (Tue) – May 31 (Tue)
    Many Koinoboris (Carp Streamers) @Noritake Garden
     Apr 5 – May 31, 9:00 – 19:00 *Closed on Mondays
     at Noritake Garden (about 15-20 min. walk from Nagoya Sta.)
     Noritake Garden
     *No entrance fee for the garden

     Koinobori, are carp streamers which swim (flown) in the sky to celebrate the Children’s Day on May 5th. It is from the ancient Chinese legend that the carp climbs up a waterfall and becomes a dragon, signifying career advancement and success in life.
     Noritake Garden has exhibitions of Noritake pottery’s craftsmanship, traditions, and arts.
    koinobori noritake garden

  • Apr 16 (Sat) – May 29 (Sun)
    Ukiyoe Exhibition from Hiraki Collection @The Tokugawa Art Museum
     Apr 16 – May 29, 10:00 – 17:00 *Closed on Mondays
     in The Tokugawa Art Museum (about 30 min. from Nagoya Sta. by subway&bus&walk)
     The Tokugawa Art Museum
     *Need entrance fee to enter the Tokugawa Art Museum 1200 yen

     Numerous Ukiyoe arts collected by Mr. Hiraki, a famous Ukiyoe collector. Appreciate beautiful and unique Japanese Ukiyoes in this exhibition.

  • Apr 29 (Fri) – May 1 (Sun), 3 (Tue) – 5 (Thu)
    River Cruise in a Basin Boat (Tarai Bune) @Ogaki City
     Apr 29-May1, May 3-5, 9:20-, 10:40-, 12:00-, 13:40-, 15:00-, 16:20- (approx 30 min. ride)
     at Ogaki City (start from Higashi-Sotogawa Parking)
      (about 32 min. by JR train from Nagoya to Ogaki Sta.)
     2000 yen/boat *Max 3 people (180kg) per boat  *Need reservation in advance by phone or internet
     Reservation site
     *Canceled in case of rain

    © Ogaki Tourism Association.

  • May 3 (Tue) – 5 (Thu)
    Special Exhibition of the Tea Ceremony Room @Nagoya Castle
     May 3-5, 9:00 – 17:00
     at tea ceremony rooms (at northwest side of the main castle tower)
     Nagoya Castle
     *need the entrance fee for entering Nagoya Castle

     The tea ceremony rooms which are usually not open for public will be exhibited.

  • May 4 (Wed)
    Harquebus Demonstration @Nagoya Castle
     May 4, 11:30-, 13:30- (about 30 min.)
     at Nishinomaru (between the Main Gate and the Front Second Gate)
     Nagoya Castle
     *need the entrance fee for entering Nagoya Castle

     Watch the vigorous demonstration of harquebusiers (old guns used in 16th-18th centuries in Japan). Be aware, it really sound mad!
    nagoya castle events

  • May 4 (Wed)
    Yosakoi Dance Festival @Shiratori Garden
     May 4, 11:00-16:00
     Shiratori Garden
     *Need entrance fee for entering Shiratori Garden 300 yen

     Yosakoi Dance is an energetic dance using a pair of naruko, a kind of clappers that make a click-clack sound, based on the Yosakoi dance of Kochi Prefecture, and is now very popular across the nation. Each performance team has now different styles, and the audiences also can get vigorous after seeing them.
    © Iwama Garden Create Co,Ltd.

  • May 4 (Wed) – 5(Thu)
    Tado Festival @Tado Shrine
     May 4, 5, whole day. Highlight Ageuma-Shinji May 4 13:00- 12 horses, May 5 14:00- 6 horses
      25 min. walk from Tado Station (Yoro Line) (about 1.5-2 hours from Nagoya Sta.)

     The festival with history of 700 years. The highlight of the festival is, when they have the horses go up the steep hill, and divine the year’s expected harvest. People will also carry around a mikoshi (portable shrine), and there will be a horseback archery game. More than 100,000 people visit this festival.
    © Kuwana City

  • May 4 (Wed) – 5(Thu)
    Toyokawa Inari Great Spring Festival @Toyokawa Inari Shrine
     May 4, 5 10:00-16:00
      Highlights: Children’s Demonstration of Carrying around the Portable Shrine (May 4 14:30-), Vigorous Portable Shrine Carrying & Children’s Parade in Traditional Costumes (May 4&5 13:30-15:00?)
      5 min. walk from Toyokawa Station (JR Iida Line), or 5 min. walk from Toyokawa Inari Station (Meitetsu Toyokawa Line), (about 1.5 hours from Nagoya Sta.)

     This is a famous festival around this area to pray for good harvest, with vigorous portable shrine carrying and the children’s parade in traditional costumes. Also, there are Japanese drum/Japanese harp Koto/traditional dance/sword/monkey performances, free udon, and some more. This year, children can try making the portable shrine on May 4.
    © Toyokawa City

  • May 5 (Thu)
    Ninja Experience & Kobudo Convention @Nagoya Castle
     May 5, 9:30 – 16:00
     Ninja Experience at Nishinomaru (between the Main Gate and the Front Second Gate)
     Kobudo Convention at Ninomaru Garden *if it rains, at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
     Nagoya Castle
     *need the entrance fee for entering Nagoya Castle

     You can try on Ninja costumes, try Ninja’s weapon throwing stars, take pictures with Ninja!
     Kobudo (traditional Japanese martial arts) are very interesting to see.
    ninja shuriken

  • May 3 (Tue) – 5 (Thu), 7 (Sat), 8 (Sun), 22 (Sun)
    Public Tea Ceremony in May @Shiratori Garden
     May 3-5, 7-8, 22, 10:00 – 15:30
     Shiratori Garden
     *Fee: 500 yen + entrance fee for entering Shiratori Garden 300 yen
     *Limited ticket. Need reservation on the day. Reservations accepted from 9:30- on the day.

     Enjoy green tea in the beautiful greens of spring. On May 7, you may also enjoy the traditional Japanese music, Gagaku.
    shiratori garden

  • May 14 (Sat) – 15 (Sun)
    Ogaki Festival @Around Ogaki Yahata Shrine
     May 14-15 8:30-21:00
     at Ogaki Yahata Shrine, Higashi-Sotogawa St., Ogaki Station St. 
     Event information (Japanese)

     With the history of 360 years, 13 festival floats will be pulled around the Ogaki castle town. It is unique as it combines the floats of the lord’s and the commoners, and the culture of Chubu area and Kinki area.
    It is now deliberated to be designated as the intangible cultural asset of UNESCO.
    © Ogaki City

  • May 21 (Sat)
    Nagoya Sake Brewery Festival @Telepia Hall
     May 21, 10:30-12:15, 13:30-15:15, 16:30-18:15, Women Only: 19:30-21::15
     at Telepia Hall,136.911385&spn=0.011682,0.019205&sll=36.597889,136.40625&sspn=46.358499,78.662109&brcurrent=3,0x600370fc2ebbe41b:0x8764a92933ee84d,0&z=16
     Event information (Japanese)
     *Fee: 35oo yen (includes 20 cup tickets for sake tasting, water, original cup). For additional tasting cost 1,000 yen/10cups
     *Only for adults over 20 yrs old  *Sake are also sold for souvenirs
     Enjoy tasting different Japanese sake! 50 breweries from this region gather to this festival. There you can find that Japanese sake has very wide variety of taste, and ways to enjoy!

  • Apr 23 (Sat) – Jun 12 (Sun)
    Sword Exhibition of Owari Region @Nagoya Castle
     Apr 23 – Jun 12, 9:00 – 16:30
     at exhibition room on the 1st floor of the Main Castle Tower
     Nagoya Castle
     *need the entrance fee for entering Nagoya Castle

     Look at the beauty of the Japanese swords of the samurais.

  • Jun 1 (Wed) –
    Honmaru Palace’s 2nd zone will be Open to the public @Nagoya Castle
     Jun 1 -, 9:00 – 16:00
     at Honmaru Palace
     Nagoya Castle
     *need the entrance fee for entering Nagoya Castle

     The reconstructed Honmaru Palace‘s zone 2 will start exhibited to the public.
     Find the differences of the wall paintings, structure, arrangements between the 1st zone’s. You can find the samurai’s customs, relationships, and their way of living through those differences.
    ninomaru palaceninomaru palace

  • Jun 4 (Sat) – 5 (Sun)
    Arimatsu Tie-Dyeing Festival @Arimatsu Town
     June 4-5, 9:00-17:00
     Arimatsu Tie-Dyeing Musem

     Arimatsu is famous for shibori or tie-dyeing, beautiful works of dyeing fabric products.
     During this festival, you can see the demonstration, or experience tie-dyeing, and also, there are parade of ladies wearing Arimatsu shibori kimonos, festival floats, and some more. The town still keeps traditional beauty of Japanese architecture and old-time prosperity, now valued as the cultural heritage. Stroll and take a tour around the wonderful town.

  • Jun 4 (Sat) – 5 (Sun)
    Saioh Festival @Saigu, Mie
     June 4 17:00-21:00, June 5 10:00-15:00
     at around Saiku Historical Museum (1.5 hours by train to the nearest Saigu Station (Kintetsu Yamada Line))  What’s Saioh is in English

       The highlights of the Festival are the reencacting of the Saioh’s procession (parade) all the way from the capital of Kyoto to the land of Ise. More than 200 women in beautiful traditional kimonos demonstrate and commemorate the event.

  • Jun 5 (Sun)
    Okehazama Old Battle Festival @Toyoake, Okehazama
     June 5, 9:00-16:00
     Festival information (Japanese)

     Okehazama is a famous battle field in the Japanese history, where the Oda Nobunaga with his few armies won Imakawa Yoshimoto. You can enjoy seeing many people in samurai armors, princesses in beautiful kimonos, and the impressive restage of the battles.
    © 2005 Toyoake City

  • Jun 5 (Sun)
    Dashizoroe, Festival Floats Demonstration @Tokugawaen
     June 5, 11:00-12:00
     *The demonstrations are held outside the garden, so there’s no need for the entrance fee

     5 Dashi, traditional gorgeous floats for festivals in Nagoya, will gather together on this day. You can see the string puppets’ impressive performance.

  • Jun 18 (Sat), 19 (Sun)
    Public Tea Ceremony in Hydrangea Season @Shiratori Garden
     June 18-19, 9:00 – 16:30
     Shiratori Garden
     *Need entrance fee (300 yen) for entering Shiratori Garden

     Enjoy green tea as well as hydrangea and calligraphy. There will be also a event for foreign residents in Japan to make a speech about their experiences in Japan.

  Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Nagoya or tours around Nagoya.


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