Osu English Map

Osu is located 15-minutes-walk south from Sakae.
You can get there in about 15 min. ride (by subway) from Nagoya station.

Osu is a very interesting and amazing city! with a mixture of young and old fashion, electric appliances stores, kimono shops, international cuisine, anime/manga/cosplay/hobby shops, shopping arcade filled with people, and more.
For its uniqueness and entertainment, the Osu Shopping District always gets a high ranking for foreign travelers.

I’ve made this OSU MAP since there weren’t nice informative map in English, so I hope it’ll help a little bit for your little sightseeing in this city☆

osu map →osu map.pdf
*Shops written in red are restaurants or food stalls

*For more information or inquiry for an English guide/interpreter, please contact from the “Contact” page.

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