Places to Visit in Okazaki with Family

Okazaki is a peaceful, old little castle town 30min. by train from Nagoya.
okazaki castleokazaki ieyasu
©Okazaki City

The main site for visitors is Okazaki Castle, where Tokugawa Ieyasu (the founder of the Tokugawa government, one of the most important person in Japan’s history).
The castle is a restored one. It has a history museum and observation room, so you may go inside and see.

Also, Okazaki is famous of its specialty Hatcho-Miso (black Miso, fermented soy bean paste). You can visit the Hatcho-Miso factory (“Hatcho-Miso no Sato” 15min. walk from Okazaki Castle, need reservation), and enjoy free short tours of the traditional Miso making process, and try some Miso sweet at the end of the tour.

Actually, Okazaki is only famous of its castle and Miso, (although there are some more sites and festivals),
but for kids, there are also some nice parks & sites nearby!

Check out the following sites ↓↓


Places in Okazaki to have fun with kids

  cf. English articles about Okazaki city guide

Strolling around Okazaki Castle

Otogawa River in front of Okazaki Castle
otogawa river okazakiokazaki river
You can buy feeds for ducks at the river

Bridge to the main castle
okazaki castle

You can explore around the castle with full of greenery and flowers
okazaki castle

Shrine for the dragon in front of the castle
okazaki shrine okazaki shrine
purify your hands here

Okazaki Castle is a very famous cherry blossom viewing site, so you can find many of these manhole designs

Around the Higashi Okazaki Station, you can find some nice restaurants. There were an Irish pub, too!
higashi okazaki station

A samurai is nominating for the election!

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