Recommended Area to Live in Nagoya

Moving to Nagoya

I have worked in Tokyo for years, but was transferred to Nagoya with my family.

I thought I would be transferred to more rural areas like Kyushu or Tohoku regions, so I was a touch anticlimactic.
(Nagoya is the 3rd major metropolitan area in Japan. 1st is the Tokyo area, 2nd is the Osaka area)

Some people say it’s a livable place, though some say there’s nothing fun in this area.

Actually, Nagoya is also called as “the Great Countryside”.
I’ll write about that later, but I figured out there are some points to beware of when looking for a place to live in Nagoya.

Recommended Place to Live in Nagoya City

When you ask the recommended place to live in Nagoya city, with good access to Sakae Station & Nagoya Station, many people would reply, “Places in Meito-ku, Chikusa-ku, Tenpaku-ku, ‘Especially along the HIGASHIYAMA SUBWAY LINE!'”

Many people say that the regional character differs a lot in each ward;
the west side from Nagoya Sta. : many factories spread and is full of local color, some might have an attitude problem
the east side from Nagoya Sta. : good residential districts spread out for company workers, and many transfer from other regions to here

I couldn’t believe that is so true, (actually, there are many great districts to live in the western area, too)
but after looking around some areas, I decided to live along the Higashiyama subway line.

Nice Points of Living in Meito ward and Chikusa ward

Living in Meito-ku/ Chikusa-ku, I found out that..
・Exactly, there are lots of people who have moved from other regions like Tokyo or Osaka for job transfer

When you talk with families around here, most of them are from other cities. In elementary schools, more than half of the students move away till graduation.

・Many Children!

You can see many children playing in the park; which you can’t see now in many aging societies in Japan. You’ll meet mothers with babies once in every 5-10 people. Some even move from other districts to put their children in the popular elementary school around here.

・Many high-class residential area

Many big houses, mostly pretty new and well-heeled. Quite a lot of them are over 300㎡. (Japanese ave. building area per dwelling : 266㎡, ave. in Tokyo : 143㎡)

・Few factories

・Some nice cafes and restaurants

Not so much as in Tokyo or Osaka, though.

・Many hills, not too steep

・Convenient to commute to Sakae or Nagoya

Also, you’ll manage most of the shopping in Sakae & Nagoya, so there’s no need to get on other lines. But beware! It’s not convenient if you live far from the subway station!

People in Nagoya deeply depends on automobiles, so many supermarkets are far away from the stations. If you don’t have a car, check if there are some places to shop nearby, or otherwise you’ll suffer inconvenience a lot:<

Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Nagoya or tours around Nagoya.

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