Rest at Ease at Shirakawago Hirase Hot Spring

Real Hot Spring Near the World Heritage Site

In about 15 minutes by car from Shirakawago village, hot springs called Hirase Hot Spring spring from the foot of the Hakusan Mountain. The spring contain sulfur and sodium chloride that make your skin very smooth. And it’s said that it’s effective for to be blessed with and bear a child.

Hiraseonsen Area Information

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My recommendation is to stay in a guest house in Hirase Hot Spring after you visit Shirakawago, and rest at ease with the hot spring, mountain vegetable dishes, and the rustic town. The small village is surrounded with beautiful mountains, trails, ski slopes, and an emerald green lake.
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  But even if you don’t have enough time to stay overnight, there’s a public hot spring, “Shiramizu-no-yu“, where you can stop by. You can enjoy several styles of bathtubs like cypress bath, open-air bath, bubbling baths and shallow bathtubs where you can lie down. It’s open until 21 PM, and is usually not so crowded.

Hiraseonsen Area Information (English)
Shiramizu-no-yu Website (Japanese)

Next to the Shiramizu-no-yu, you can buy some souvenirs or local foods at the Michi-no-eki Hida-Hakusan. There is a little foot bath, too, so you can have a moment of relaxation.

Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Shirakawago or tours around Nagoya.

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