Enjoy your ride on the Premium Express “Shimakaze” to Ise-Shima

Enjoy your trip to Ise-Shima with the Permium Express Train, “Shimakaze

Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (11)
Kintetsu Line’s express, “Shimakaze,” is an express train connecting Kyoto/Osaka (Namba)/Nagoya and Kashikojima, Ise-Shima.

Premium Express SHIMAKAZE http://www.kintetsu.co.jp/senden/shimakaze/en/

It has 6 cars with about 138 seats, and what is great is that all the seats are spacious and comfortable.
There are some buttons for reclining, massage, and reading light, and of course, you can use the free wi-fi and the electrical outlet (socket), too.

Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (12) Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (13) Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (10)

  The service staffs would bring you warm towel to clean your hands, and they’ll also give you a picture card for your souvenir. You can also order local beer or other beverage, or lunch boxes.

Try drinking the orange juice made with local Gokasho Orange. It’s very sweet and juicy.
Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (7)

There are also a cafe car in the middle.
Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (2)
At the cafe, you can enjoy the special dishes made with local ingredients.

  Many passengers enjoy “exploring” around the vehicles. The facilities are the observation seats, salon seats, private rooms, cafe car, wide restrooms, lockers, make-up rooms, and the smoking deck.

Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (4)
private room
Kintetsu Shimakaze Ise (6)
salon seats

  Many of my customers from foreign countries say they got relaxed and enjoyed the ride.
I’m sure you can enjoy a relaxing ride on Shimakaze.

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