Transfer from Higashiyama Line to JR at Nagoya Sta.

Subway lines in Nagoya are very old, and is not kind to those with strollers or wheelchairs. Especially, it’s hard to find the way out to JR ticket gate at Nagoya Sta. because the elevator sign is a bit confusing.

HigashiyamalinetoJR-nagoya cf.

How to transfer from Higashiyama subway line → JR lines at Nagoya Sta.

For people who have to use elevators
  1. When on subway bound for Takabata, get on the front vehicle.
    When on subway bound for Fujigaoka, get on the end vehicle.
  2. At Nagoya st., there is a elevator at the edge of the platform. (Takabata/Kameshima Sta. side)
  3. Go out the “north ticket gate” → Go around the “central ticket gate” (as the pink line on the map above) → Find the elevator to Ground Floor behind the “central ticket gate”
  4. At the Ground Floor, you can see the big station building across the taxi stand.
    Cross the crossing and go through the side ways to the station building.
    It’s the JR station building, and Takashimaya department store.

JR station building

JR station building

the elavator to Ground Floor seen from the opposite site of taxi stand

the elevator to Ground Floor seen from the opposite site of taxi stand

*With babies or wheelchair, it takes more than 10 min. from the subway platform to the Shinkansen ticket gate. You’ll need some more time to buy tickets, so plan extra time for transfer!
Feel free to contact me if you need any further information about Nagoya or tours around Nagoya.

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