Japanese Life Hacks to Utilize Small Spaces

Japanese Life Hacks to Utilize Small Spaces

Using one’s space effectively and making it look neat and nice is a common concern around the world. One country that has come up with innovative solutions—out of necessity—is Japan.

Japan’s total land area is about the same as that of Germany or Malaysia, but 70% of the land is mountains and rivers, and only 5% is used for dwelling. Furthermore, more than 60,000,000 people live in the 3 metropolitan areas. (When compared by “urban agglomeration,” it’s said that Tokyo area is the most populous city in the world.) The result is cities with very high population densities. What is more, these cities are filled with “stuff” because Japanese are absorbed in making & buying new products every day.

With Japan’s cities filled up with people and things, Japanese have devised some unique solutions for using the little space they have effectively.

Check out the following:

  1. Maximizing storage on walls
    Using all the wall for shelves is one way to maximize space.
    If you have many kids, how about stacking beds?

    capsule hotels

    capsule hotels

    These days, “capsule hotels” are attracting attention from foreign travelers. Capsule hotels are cheap accommodation for only sleeping, which have the rooms (“capsules”) stacked next to and on top of one another.
    Japanese are not too eager to use them these days, but many people from overseas even make a special trip to these hotels.

  3. Piling up items higher and higher
    Though you can see these tower parking in other countries now, too, this vertical automatic parking system was installed a lot in Japan during the 20th century. In urban cities in Japan, many of these tall parking towers are contained in a building so the cars won’t get dirty or be stolen.

  5. Fold up and minimizing furnishings
    In the past, the typical Japanese living space measured 6.97㎡ (when people lived in nagaya, or wooden row houses). Sleeping, eating, household tasks, and some jobs were all done in this small space. So, the Japanese-style foldable bed called the futon was handy because it could be put away in the daytime. The futon is still used by many Japanese.

  7. Making mental space by filling the room with natural light
    Machiya, traditional wooden townhouses found throughout Japan, had narrow street frontage, but the Japanese brought in natural light through wooden lattices and courtyards.
    machiya machiya (2)

  8. Being stylish and functional
    stair drawers
    Stair drawers” is a traditional idea from the old times. It’s a stair as well as a decorative chest.

    Closets can be designed to maximize use of space as well. If you want to transform your closet into a modern, stylish, space-saving one, let your imagination run wild with this cool website.
    →Dressing room ideas

  10. Utilizing small spaces and gaps
    Storaging” (finding creative ways to organize or tidy up things in small spaces) is a popular topic in Japan. Many magazines feature articles on storaging every month.
    Also, various people transmit ideas on the internet or SNS for utilizing the 100-yen-shop or Mujirushi Ryohin’s goods in small storage spaces every day.

    (*100-yen-shop like Daiso, and Mujirushi Ryohin are popular retail chain stores in Japan which sells vairious household commodities)

  12. Choosing compact electrical appliances
    In Japan, “space-saving” is a big sales copy, so companies offer a large selection of compact-size products.

    tiniest washing machine

     compact heater 

    mosquito flying helicopter

    New space-saving ideas and minimum products come out every day.
    How about rearranging yours, too?

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