Walking around Gojo River, the famous cherry blossom viewing site

Sakura Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots around Nagoya

In Nagoya, Tsuruma Park, Nagoya Castle Park and Yamazaki River are the most famous and easy accessible cherry blossom viewing place. But by 11min. ride (express) from Nagoya Sta., there are a wonderful spot “Gojo River” in Iwakura, which has about 1400 cherry blossoms along the river for 7.6km.
Sakura cherry blossoms in Gojo River is designated as one of the 100 Best Sakura Viewing Spots in Japan, and you may see “Nonbori Arai”(washing carp steamers) in the river during the first half of April.
In 2015, Sakura in Nagoya seems to fully bloom around 3/31 to 4/3, so the blossoms in my article below is not in full bloom, but I hope it will give you some image about Gojo River.
gojogawa cherry 13


From Iwakura Sta. to Gojo River (about 5min. walk)

Iwakura is a peaceful residation neighborhood and now its being redeveloped because of its easy accessibility to Nagoya city. Walking toward the Gojo River from the Iwakura Sta., you can buy some sweet rice dumplings to accompany your Sakura viewing.
gojogawa cherry 15ichigo daifuku
Famous Japanese sweet shop for people in Iwakura,”Yonenoya.”/ “Ichigo Daifuku” Japanese love to eat this soft round rice bun stuffed with sweet bean paste and a whole strawberry!

Shinmei Ikuta Shrine. Traditional floats are brought out to celebrate the Sakura cherry blossom festival. This shrine also has some relation to Yamanouchi Kazutoyo, a feudal lord 400 yrs ago.
shinmei ikuta shrineshinmei ikuta shrineshinmei ikuta shrineshinmei ikuta shrineshinmei ikuta shrine


Walking along the Gojo River

gojo river cherry
Some people were already having fun under the un-full-bloom Sakuras. There will be some tables to eat in some open space during the Sakura viewing festival.

gojo river sakuragojo river sakura

  Washing the carp steamers “Koinobori”
gojo river carp
gojo river carp streamer washinggojo river carp streamer washing

  Trying “Lamune” (soda in a characteristic bottle)

  gojo rivergojo river
You can go down the slope to the river. Many carps are swimming.
gojo river
good old looking bridge

  Gojo River is a peaceful riverside with beautiful cherry blossoms. It’s one of the recommended place to visit when you’re nearby in April.
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